Benefits of Sharing Homes

Promote International Goodwill

You can make a difference!

Home exchange is the most authentic approach to living in a foreign country or culture. You find yourself immersed in your exchange partner's culture and lifestyle. The chances are excellent that you will meet their neighbours or friends. You will discover local stores, sights and flavour. This is a personalized and realistic travel experience that can't be beat. Many exchange families remain friends long after their exchange, keeping up with each other's families per telephone and email.

No More Expensive Hotels

Suddenly, any destination in the world is affordable!

While exchanging there is no pressing reason for you to blow your budget on hotels or car rentals. Home exchange is the way that your family can afford to visit places you have only dreamed about. Exchanging homes leaves your budget free to spring for special tours, dining or entertainment.

Charges For Extra Luggage?

Not any more. No need to pass through security with three weeks worth of toys and games.

Go ahead, imagine your luggage from your last holiday. Open it up, and remove all the stuff you took, because you might need it. Now, dare to imagine this: You are exchanging with a family in Sweden, and they have kids the same ages as yours. Just as adults enjoy driving a holiday car, kids delight in a temporary toy exchange. There will be something for everyone: a different "favourite coffee cup", different books to read at bedtime, films you might not have seen or music you haven't heard. These are all a part of your exchange partner's every day lifestyle and they are available for your use at your exchange partner's home.

The Comfort of Living in a House

Let the kids play outside in the yard while you take a hot bath.

Come home after a hard day of shopping and sightseeing to the warmth of a friend's home. Sit down in a comfortable chair, and put your feet up, you are on vacation. You have time and space enough for everyone. You are not confined to a dinky hotel room with your whole family, nor do you need to run off to a restaurant or try to heat the baby's bottle in a bathroom sink. Hang out instead and cook a family dinner together. Watch a movie, enjoy each other. Slow down. Take time. You've earned it.

Security and Peace of Mind

Your home is not empty, and the newspapers and mail are not piling up, the plants are watered, the lawn mowed. The dog is still barking in the back yard and, even though you are happily touring Chateaux on the Loire, at home life appears to go on as usual. Our members take excellent care of each other's property while vacationing.

Your pets remain in the comfort of their own homes. No more expensive pet hotels, no more worrying whether the neighbor remembered to feed your fish. Our members are happy to exchange pet-care as part of the deal and it is a relief to know that while you are away, your animals are well cared for. Neither humans nor animals will miss out on the petting and companionship that is a necessary part of life for animal lovers.

Home Exchanging is Planet Friendly

In addition to creating a more authentic travel experiences, home exchange also takes pressure off the environment by reducing the need for new hotel and resort construction in heavily frequented international destinations. Home exchangers help local merchants by shopping in local markets and using local services. The increasing interest in home exchange is a natural outgrowth of the movement for responsible travel.