Our National Representatives

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Intervac Home Exchange national representatives

Intervac International is administered by country representatives responsible for each national Intervac operation. Our organisers use standard procedures for dealing with member's requests and following up on your concerns. They are also responsible for supporting you in your efforts to find a suitable exchange partner and for promoting the concept of home exchange within their country. If we do not currently have an organizer in your country and you are interested, please contact us!

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The Intervac Board of Directors

Sitting on the Intervac Board of Directors is a challenging job for the national representatives elected. They each serve at least one term of 2 years. As a group they are responsible for putting decisions made at the general meetings in action.

Current Board Members

Kristina Caillaud Mrs. Emanuela Zara - Intervac IT
Karl Gemfeldt Mr. Karl Gemfeldt - Intervac SE
Sesselja Traustadottir Mrs. Sesselja Traustadóttir - Intervac IS
Trude Hoel Mrs. Yolande & Jempi De Cooman - Intervac BE

Our Mailing Address

Intervac International
PO Box 1436
SE 114 79 Stockholm SWEDEN
Phone number +46 855 924 195

Annual General Meetings

Organisers from participating countries meet at Annual General Meetings (AGMs) to set world-wide policies and procedures and to elect a Board of Directors, who then coordinate international activities of INTERVAC on a day-to-day basis. INTERVAC organisers take turns in hosting AGMs in their country. Following is the schedule of forthcoming AGMs:

  • 2017 - Greece
  • 2018 - Italy
  • 2019 - Portugal